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Videotaped interviews were conducted with the Fellows listed below. The video tapes are stored in the College archives at the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin. Generally, the interviews cover such items as:

  1.  Their first experience in theatre and how that impacted their career.
  2. Place and birth and names of parents / siblings.
  3. Their education/preparation/early activities. Teachers who had impacted or inspired them.
  4. A review of highlights of their career.

Edward Albee
Janet Allen
Rosemarie Bank
Milly S. Barranager
John Lee Beatty
Roger Bedard
Lou Bellamy
Robert Benedetti
Sidney Berger
Karen Berman
James Brandon
Carole Brandt
Peter Brosius
Beverley Byers-Pevitts
Ben Cameron
Dan Carter
Jeff Church
Jack Clay
Martha Coigney
Kathleen Conlin
Doug Cook
Judith Kase Cooper
Orlin Corey
Jerry Crawford
Jed H. Davis
Dick Devin
John Dillon
Paul Distler
Jill Dolan
Gresdna Doty
Donald Drapeau
Bernard Dukore
Marjorie Dycke
Nathaniel Eek
Karl Eigsti
Harry Elam, Jr.
William Esper
Attilio Favorini

Robyn Baker Flatt
Winona Fletcher
Patricia Whitton Forrest
Gerald Freedman
Frank Gagliano
Jose Cruz Gonzalez
Adrian Hall
Franklin Hildy
Ann Hill
Michael Hood
James Houghton
Norris Houghton
Jeffrey Huberman
Jorge Huerta
James Jewell
George Judy
Michael Kahn
Jeffrey Koep
Jean Korf
Gil Lazier
Ming Cho Lee
Leonard Leone
David Leong
William Ivey Long
Felicia Londré
Michael Lupu
John Lutz
Alan MacVey
Gail Humphries
Tom Markus
Kim Marra
Marshall Mason
Nellie McCaslin
William McGraw
R. Keith Michael
Marilee Hebert Miller
Tice Miller

Charlotte Kay Motter
Alfred Muller
Jack O’Brien
Scott Parker
Thomas Pawley
Kathy Perkins
Leonard Pronko
Vera Mowry Roberts
Kathryn Robinson
Joel Rubin
Peter Sargent
Robert Schanke
Robert Schenkkan
Robert Schnitzer
Thomas Schumacher
Ann Shaw
Ed Sherin
Sam Smiley
Barry Stavis
Wallace Smith
Howard Stein
Edward Stern
James Still
Mark Sumner
Lowell Swortzell
James Symons
William Talbot
George Thorn
Roberto Uno
Louis Valdez
Paula Vogel
Jim Volz
Dorothy Webb
David Weiss
Jon Whitmore
Margaret Wilkerson
Don Wilmeth