The College of Fellows of the American Theatre originated in 1965 within the American Educational Theatre Association. From its beginnings, investiture in the College was one of the highest honors bestowed on educators and professionals of America’s educational and theatre community. Today, the College is an autonomous, nonprofit organization of 132 members that holds its annual meeting and investiture of new members each April under the auspices of the Education Department of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D. C. Among the events of the yearly meeting is the Roger L. Stevens Annual Lecture, named for the visionary producer who served as founding chairman of the Kennedy Center and the National Endowment for the Arts.

The primary purpose of the College of Fellows of the American Theatre is to promote and encourage the highest standards of research, writing, and creativity in educational and professional theatre through honoring distinguished service and notable accomplishment by individuals of recognized national stature. The membership includes actors, critics, designers, directors, playwrights, producers, program administrators, distinguished teachers and scholars associated with the commercial and educational wings of the American theatre. The Fellows Gazette is the official publication of the College and reports to the membership on current and future activities.

Although the major event of the annual meeting each spring is the investiture ceremony of new members, the meeting also features the Roger L. Stevens address, video taping of interviews with members for the preservation of the history of American theatre, and sessions during which select members reflect upon their ongoing contributions to theatre in America.

Individual contributions support the programs of the College and members are authorized to add the designation ATF following their names. The College Archives are located at the University of Texas, Austin.


In 1995 the College instituted the designation of “Lifetime Benefactor”for those Fellows who make a single contribution of $500 or more. The amount was raised to $600 in 2010 and then to $1000 in 2014.

Robyn Baker Flatt
Rosemarie Bank
Milly S. Barranger
Karen Berman
Carole Brandt
Oscar Brockett
Ben Cameron
Dan Carter
John Cauble
Larry D. Clark
Jack Clay
Martha Coigney
Kathleen Conlin
Doug Cook
Judith Kase Cooper
Jerry L. Crawford
Jed Davis
Paul A. Distler
Jill Dolan
Gresdna Doty
Donald A. Drapeau

Tom Evans
John Ezell
Donn Finn
Winona Fletcher
Gerald Freedman
Adrian Hall
Ruth Beal Heinig
Franklin Hildy
Ann Hill
Jorgé Huerta
Julie Jensen
James Jewell
Tim Kelly
Jeffrey Koep
Jean Korf
Gil Lazier
Felicia Londré
William McGraw
R. Keith Michael
Donn B. Murphy
Harold R. Oaks

Jack O’Brien
Scott J. Parker
Calvin L. Pritner
Barbara Reid
Bernard S. Rosenblatt
Peter E. Sargent
Robert A. Schanke
Thomas Schumacher
Augusts Staub
James Stuart
Lowell Swortzell
Megan Terry
George Thorn
Dorothy L. Webb
David Weiss
Jon Whitmore
Don B. Wilmeth
Margaret Wilkerson
Jack Wright
Susan L. Zeder