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The College of Fellows

comprises an extraordinary ensemble of individuals who have significant contributions to the arts generating a multi-faceted legacy. It has been my honor to serve in a leadership role with esteemed colleagues.

- Gail Humphries

Becoming a Fellow in the College of Fellows of the American Theatre and serving on its Board has been one of the great pleasures and honors of my life, one that continually affirms the vital roles we play in our nation’s cultural and social life.

- Cheryl Black

I look forward to The College of Fellows' s expanded efforts to advocate for greater inclusion in our field so that the American Theatre begins to look like and represent more of the citizens of our country.

- Randy Reinholz

The respect and awe in which I hold my fellow theatre artists, colleagues and friends in the College of Fellows has been a long-term gift in my career and my life.

- Bonnie Nelson Schwartz

It is wonderfully inspiring to be among giants of American theatre! Beyond being welcomed into this venerable community, I am encouraged that this highly skilled and influential group of educators, practitioners, and scholars will continue to foreground theatre's historic role as an agent of positive change in a world in dire need of healing.

- Sandra G. Shannon

Membership in the CFAT is both inspirational and enlightening. The interaction with other theatre artists, teachers and scholars keeps me abreast of the latest knowledge and practices at the regional and national level.

- David S. Leong

I am so proud to take part in the work of uplifting so many wonderful theatre practitioners. And to keep learning and giving back as part of this circle of friends!

- Kathryn Ervin

The programs and initiatives of the College are life-changing for many of our constituents.  Scholarship support, outreach and strategic alliances serve an ever-widening community of artists, scholars, educators and practitioners.  Fellows envision an American theatre of greater diversity and shared opportunity. Our challenge is to create pathways and spaces where such ideals will be actualized. 

- Michael  D. Dinwiddie

The College of Fellows has become an important part of my life. Beyond the honor of membership, the reality is that I crave and need service as a part of my life and am proud to do what I can as a member of the Board to advance the College and the American theatre, both educational and professional. I am grateful for the opportunity, especially while working in the company of the College’s illustrious and dedicated membership.

- Michael Hood

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Dean's Notes

Dean's Notes

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