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It is the responsibility of each Fellow to place in nomination those persons whose record of exemplary achievements in American theatre merit membership in the College of Fellows of the American Theatre. ​Persons who have distinguished themselves on a national or international level through service, artistic accomplishment, scholarship, and/or areas of innovation may be nominated for membership by a current Fellow for consideration by the Board of the College of Fellows of the American Theater.   The initial nomination letter—preferably written on official letterhead—must put forth a compelling case for the nominee’s membership in approximately 300-500 words.  


It is the responsibility of the initial nominator to recruit two current Fellows who are acquainted with the work of the nominee and willing to second the nomination by writing equally compelling letters—preferably on official letterhead. The initial nominator should explain to those agreeing to second a nomination that their letters should not be simple reiterations of details already shared in the nominator’s letter but should offer additional insight to bolster the case of the nominee.  These seconding letters are limited to 250-300 words.  


Since nominators will most frequently read the citation for their nominees, or be called upon to prepare the citation, it is recommended that a copy of the nomination form and letters be retained.


**Due confidentiality requires that nominees not be aware that they are being considered.

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Online Nominations using the form above are much preferred, however you may submit a hard copy nomination.

Download and print the PDF Nomination Form.

There is a connection, hard to explain logically but easy to feel, between achievement in public life and progress in the arts.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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